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Poultry Feeds

Chick mash

Sossi feeds chick mash is designed to feed chicks between the ages of 4-8 weeks. It is formulated with vital plant and animal proteins for the promotion of proper growth.

Growers mash

For proper growth, egg production, and good health poultry birds require high levels of energy. In order to attain the best growth milestones, one has to feed poultry birds with highly nutritious feeds. Sossi feeds are well formulated with the highest quality standards to ensure your birds get all the vital nutrients they require for the best growth.

chickens enjoying organic fruit and vegetable treat

Layers mash

Sossi feeds layers mash contains vital nutrients for promotion of good health and better well-being of the bird. This feed contains high-quality proteins with essential amino acids for tissue, and feather production, and egg development. It also contains energy-rich cereals, vitamins, and minerals for faster growth and high egg production. The inclusion of micronized wheat gives the birds carbohydrates which is responsible for the required energy and fibre.

Broiler Feeds

Sossi feeds have the Broiler starter and broiler finisher. The feeds contain a high energy ratio designed and formulated for broilers only. The feeds are available in a meal form which allows high consumption that is aimed at achieving a higher growth rate, high feed utilization rate, and low disease incidences for the birds.

Kienyeji mash

Sossi feeds Kienyeji Mash has been ideally formulated to serve as a complete diet for both indigenous and improved kienyeji birds. The feed gives increased yields to the Kienyeji birds in terms of High Egg production, improved immune system, improved health and weight. The feed is ideal for birds that are free ranging as well as those in confinement.