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Pricing table

Layers Mash10kgsKsh. 430/=
Layers Mash70kgsKsh. 2,600/=
Growers Mash10kgsKsh. 420/=
Growers Mash70ksKsh. 2,500/=
Kienyeji Mash (Standard)10kgsKsh. 300/=
Kienyeji Layers Mash10kgsKsh. 350/=
Kienyeji Mash (Standard)70kgsKsh. 1,850/=
Kienyeji Layers Mash70kgsKsh 2,200/=
Chick Mash10kgsKsh. 500/=
Chick mash70kgsKsh. 3,200/=
Starters Mash10kgsKsh. 550/=
Starters Mash70kgsKsh. 3,300/=
Dairy Meal (Standard)70kgsKsh. 1,950/=
Dairy Meal High Yield70kgsKsh. 2,150/=
Sow & Weaner Meal (Complete)70kgsKsh. 2,100/=
Dog meal10kgsKsh. 400/=

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